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What is a Virtual Book Tour?

A Virtual Book Tour is an opportunity to promote your New Release or Past Release on select blog sites to help gain potential new readers and keep previous fans in the know about your new releases.

The Tasty Virtual Tour can be comprised of select types of stops, including:

  • Interviews
  • Guest Posts
  • Character Interviews
  • Promotional Stops
  • Promo Stop w/ Excerpt
  • Promo Stop w/ Review

The author can choose to do an "Authorless" Tour, where the only options for the hosts are Promotional Stops, Excerpt Stops and Review Stops.


What is a Release Day Tasty Book Blast/Book Blast?

A Release Day Book Blast is when 20+ Blog Hosts will promote your New Release all on the same day, typically your books own Release Day, so as to generate the most attention for your release on that particular day.  The posts will include the Custom Tour Banner, Book Cover, Blurb, Buy Links, and Author Info/Social Links. A Tour Giveaway is suggested. (Rafflecopter can be run by Tasty Book Tours)

A Tasty Book Blast is typically the same as the Release Blast, but this can be a Promotional Blast for a Previous Release or Current Release.  

The Release Blast and Book Blast are typically a One Day Blast, but can be extended to a Three Day Blast for an additional charge.


What other services do you offer?

Tasty Book Tours also offers Cover Reveals for upcoming releases or newly designed covers.


Where can I find the different Tour Packages and Pricing?

All you need to do is go back to the Home Page and Click the tab at the top that says Tour Pricing. There you will find the services that I offer and all the prices of each service. I will always work with your budget and time availability to get you the most for your dollar. 


How can I schedule a Book Tour?

To schedule a book tour with Tasty Book Tours, please go back to the Home Page and click on the tab that says Schedule a Book Tour. From there, you will fill out the form, giving me as much information as possible. I will do my best to get back to you within 72 hours to further discuss your tour and get you set up for booking. As a side note, I am booking 2-3 months in advance for ANY Tour, so if you are planning on a specific date for your tour, I suggest you book as soon as possible.


What kind of Giveaway do you suggest I offer?

I always suggest either a Digital copy of the Book being promoted, a Backlist Release, or a Gift Card in any amount to either Amazon/or B&N. I suggest hosting a giveaway for both Commenters and Tour Hosts, just to show a bit of appreciation to readers and it helps to get them to visit each stop. For the Tour Hosts, I believe a giveaway to say thank you is always appreciated. But you can do any kind of giveaway you would like, jewelry, wine and chocolates.


What will you need from me after I schedule?

I will provide you with a Booking Doc which will need to be filled out before I can put the tour up on the blog site, includes Blurb, Author Info/Links, Pre-Buy/Buy Links (exception for Indie releases), etc.

If you are offering Review Copies for hosts, I will need a Galley to be available to the hosts a Month to Three Weeks Prior to the start of the tour, NO LESS...NO EXCEPTIONS. It is out of respect for the hosts who work hard to promote YOUR work! Galleys can be located on NetGalley, Edelweiss, using a Smashwords Coupon Code, or the author sending me PDF, MOBI and EPUB files.


What happens next?

I post your tour for booking, and send out an invite to those Tasty Tour Hosts who have signed up to review that particular genre.  I will get a custom Tour Banner made and will send once available.  The Tour info will be sent out to the tour hosts about a month prior to the start date of the tour.  If you are participating in Interview stops, those will be distributed to you as they come in from the hosts and will be sent back to me when completed for distribution to the hosts.  Same for Guest Posts, except most of them are Authors Choice, but I can also provide some ideas for posts.

An Invoice is only sent once HALF the tour is booked. If your tour is looking light in the booking department, I will send a second invite to book, or lessen the tour length to a shorter tour. But I normally will be honest with the Author before we begin the booking process as to what I think the appropriate amount of time/length will be best for their Release/Genre. 


What happens when the Tour starts?

I will check on each post for each tour, each morning.  If a host is delayed in posting by 8am (EST), I will email the host inquiring on the status of the post, then I will email the author/publisher to keep everyone in the same loop.  

Tasty Book Tours will promote each tour stop on my social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and I recommend that you do the same. You are encouraged to comment at each stop on your tour, engaging with your readers. Also, encourage them to follow the rest of the tour, leaving comments, especially if you are hosting a Tour Wide Giveaway. 

I prefer that the host NOT post a review under three stars during the tour, but to wait for after. I can only STRONGLY SUGGEST that the hosts post their reviews on Review Sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, etc.  I am all about the blogger integrity and my job is to form a Tour and have the hosts feature your release on THEIR BLOG, what they do after that is up to them. If you don't like my way of thinking, there are plenty of other tour companies to work with other than Tasty Book Tours.


What happens if a Tour Host doesn't post?

I will do my best to get the host to get their post up, even if it is a different day than the original date scheduled. I will always do my best to get all of your tour days filled, but sometimes life happens and bloggers forget. But I will always do my best to remedy the situation.


Why should I become a Tasty Tour Host?

Why did I start Hosting Tours...well, I loved being able to read books that I might not have purchased for myself. I wanted to help promote the people that put so much time, effort, sweat and tears into their creations. Many of the Authors will have Tour Wide Giveaway's for the Tour Hosts, so you always have a chance to win if you book a stop...and who doesn't LOVE gift cards! By participating in Blog tours, is a GREAT way to gain Followers to your blog. If commenters are following the tour, they will stop at your blog, and if they enjoy your post, most likely they will become a follower. 


How can I become a Tasty Tour Host?

I would be honored to have you as a Tour Host. All you need to do is go back to the Home Page, click on the tab 'Be a Tour Host', and fill out the form. Please be sure to read the requirements before filling out the form.  I will contact you within 72 hours with a Welcome Email, which contains further information.

If you have any questions that have not been answered, please email me at Tastybooktours@live.com or Tastybooktours@gmail.com