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Thank you for considering becoming a host for Tasty Book Tours! Please be aware that once you sign up to become a host, you will receive a confirmation email within a week welcoming you to the Tasty Team! You are more than welcome to start signing up to host any of the tasty tours in the meantime!

Just a few notes before you sign up....

You can sign up to be a Tour Host (most last from 1 - 2 weeks) or a Member of the Master Blast Team (You'll host the blast events-usually 1 day only), or Both! 

To stay in Good Standing with Tasty Book Tours, your scheduled posts must be live by 10am (EST) on the date you signed up to host. Late and Missed posts will be tracked. 3 late posts equals a Miss and 3 missed posts mean you will be removed from the Tasty Tour Lists.

A TOP SPOT  (Top 3) is preferred when signing up to host, so PLEASE don't sign up for a date that is heavily booked on your schedule. 

If you mark "YES" to becoming a Master Blast Participant, I send out an email every few weeks to keep you updated on what is upcoming and expects your participation. The Master Blast posts should be a one of your Top Five Spots of the day.

Tour Info is distributed 3-5 days prior to the official start date of the tour, if at any time you are waiting on info from me, you can feel free to email me with any issues, at any time, and I will do my best to rectify the situation.

When signing up, you must fill out all the info correctly in order to be given a spot on the tour. Tasty Book Tours reserves the right to not accept any sign up that is not clearly filled out.

If you sign up for a review, it will now be MANDATORY that you share that review on your Blog, Goodreads and Amazon.com (or at least one other retail site).  If your review is 3.0 stars or less, then we ask that you DO NOT post the review during the length of the tour. After, you can feel free to post and share. If you are ever unsure about a review, please feel free to email me, and I will give my opinion whether to post or not post! Hosts that request and receive Galley copies MUST complete the review link form. Not completing the form during the tour, or for the 2 weeks following the tour will result in your not being given access to review Galleys. 

Any host who is caught mishandling ARC's that are distributed will be removed and blacklisted from touring with Tasty and I will notify other companies as well.

Hope I didn't scare you away....and Happy Touring!

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Become a Tasty Book Tours Host! 

Get Graphics, Book& Author Info,  Review and Excerpt Options, and opportunities to share Romance books on your site!

Tours last from 1 - 3 weeks. 

I Love to Promote Books

Join the Master Blast team

You'll have promo opportunities.  Promos last a day (on average) and you'll get all the post materials and even an HTML format for easy posting. 
Plus an email every 3 - 4 weeks listing all the upcoming blasts.